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Lucky you, not many people find this site. We’re into cycle racing and great lightweight components, stuff that will help you zoom up and down hills. We work with some of the world’s best manufacturers, test it throughly, ride it, race it, refine it and race it some more. If it’s good enough we’ll offer it at a great price.

Don’t be misled by our low prices, you’d be paying much more in the shops with the traditional distribution chain. We’re bringing it to you pretty direct, cutting out middlemen.

We have minimal product packaging, so they’re better value and we get a warm feeling inside doing a little bit for the environment.  We try to reuse cardboard for some parcels also, like rolled up cardboard for the bars & seat posts etc.

MT ZOOM (MOUNT ZOOM) is run by experienced cyclists and product designers, primarily based out of the UK, with support from plenty of other experts in field of racing components and engineering. We love to race, we love light bikes and we love going fast. Mainly we smash around the cross country and endurance mountain biking race scene, but we’re not averse to doing it on thinner tyres either.

(Note, we (MOUNT ZOOM) are nothing to do with the “ZOOM” brand from the early days of mountain biking).


We also sell on and have an eBay shop.

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