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400mm Mt Zoom (V2) ultralight carbon seatposts

400mm Mt Zoom (V2) ultralight carbon seatposts


We recently introduced a lighter version of our original (420mm) (V1) seatposts.  The new (V2) ones are 400mm long and have a lighter carbon tube.  This has enabled us to drop over 20g per seatpost.  We first launched the 27.2mm length, and then followed up a month or so ago with the 30.9mm and 31.6mm.  The respective weights are 27.2mm (143g), 30.9mm (154g) & 31.6mm (157g).


They all have stealth black logos.   

Versus the previous Mt Zoom (V1) seatposts there is a thinner carbon below the minimum insertion and down to 19cm from the top of the post. This means there is a maximum insertion point of 19cm from the top.  Clamping above this point would weaken the post ... so this maybe too long for people with shorter legs on road / CX bike etc set-ups  ... worth bearing this mind.  The minimum insertion from the bottom of the post is 10cm.

This is an XC / marathon post and there is a weight limit of 100kg.  

We still have stock of the 31.6 x 420mm length post left.  There is no rider weight / upper clamping restrictions on that ... or on our layback / 25mm offset posts.