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Winter Racing 2013 – more top results

There’s been plenty of winter mountain bike racing in the northern hemisphere this year to keep those with an addiction to it ticking over. MT ZOOM riders have been getting top results, highlights include …

Jason Miles winning the solo Strathpuffer 24 hour event in the far far north of Scotland, mostly in the dark (Dave Powell was third). Undoubtedly a grim suffer-fest …  aye, they love it. Blog link

Fen powerhouse Paul Ashby dominated Thetford forest winter 4 hour series again, the fastest Veteran and the fastest overall. 8 years on the trot now by all accounts!

Paul has been trying to smash our MT ZOOM products from our inception, he has now earned some MT ZOOM cycling attire 🙂

Dave Powell just about recovered from the Strathpuffer race and various ailments  to win the Senior’s category at Hit the North, Manchester. Blog link


Ant White  & Rich Rothwell won the Master’s 40+ category and lots of olive oil in the Andalucia Bike Race, a 6 day mountain bike stage race coincidentally in the mountains of Andalucia. Blog post


Ant also won the Vets category at the Brass Monkey 4 hour winter series in and around the Surrey hills  and was 2nd Vet in the La Santa Lazarote 4 day stage race (does that count as winter racing?). Blog link.