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AERO Cage & bottles

Don’t disrupt airflow with a standard bottle when you are racing on an aero frame. This is a clever product in many different ways and if you are seriously into time trialing/triathlon you’ll appreciate it alot.  Of course it can be used on a standard road bike if you want to improve your aerodynamics.

Aerodynamic: Save up to 20 seconds off a 40km time trial compared to round bottles. The aero design creates 25% less drag than traditional round bottles, saving you precious seconds in the race against the clock.

Easy to grip: You might recognise that many aero bottles are not that easy to grip, often they feel like a large bar of slippy soap. The MT ZOOM bottle is easy to grip. It has a textured upper and groove aswell as the “fin” shape all enable a better grip for your fingers – so you can concentrate on maintaining power on the predals rather than worrying about dropping your bottle!

Duel frame positioning: The unique design means the bottle is both aerodynanmic and easily gripped on the downtube or seat tube

Light: The NEW cage (with the cut-out below the lightning bolts) weigh a mere 20g. The bottle weighs 91g. Total 111g.

Dimensions: 250mm length (9 & 1/2 inches), 120mm height (4 & 3/4 inches), Width 45mm 1 & 3/4 inches)

600ml capacity.

1 bottle FREE: So you get 2 (yes two) aero bottles with this purchase. This is useful when you are racing in a long race and need more drink handed to you. Additionally if you lose bottle you have a spare. Brucie Bonus!

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