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Ultralight “Speed” Jockey Wheels, ceramic bearings, 5.6g!

Everything has been done to make these MT ZOOM jockey “speed” wheels carry your chain faster and smoother.

They have high quality ceramic bearings.

Extra machining has lowered the weight to 5.6g per speed wheel. Dirt should accumulate less in the wider holes.

There is a little lateral movement to enable a better chainline.

Cut from 7075 red alloy with MT ZOOM lightning bolts, you’re bound to go faster with a pair of these.

Replace those tired black plastic ones that come with most derailleurs.

Fits most derailleurs.  If your current jockey wheel has a hole in the middle and has 11 teeth these should work. Works with 8, 9, 10, 11 etc speed systems.

Tested thoroughly in tough conditions, holding up well.

Great value, sold singularly or in pairs. Available in RED or BLACK.

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