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Feedback / Warranty / Crash Replacement


Please get in touch

We like to have feedback. So drop us a line on and let us know what you think about the products.   Product specific questions are useful as they will help us write more informative descriptions.

Also if you buy then change your mind (without using it), you can send it back for a refund.


Not everything lasts for ever, but all our products have been thoroughly tested so they are fit for purpose. All have at least a 1 year warranty (most have 2 years) from date of purchase. We’ll replace any defective product.

All our bars / bar ends / tools / bottle cages / spacers / cages / skewers / headset adjuster have 2 years warranty.

Clamps / bolts / jockey wheels & valves have 1 year.

We’ll be fair, please be fair as well. If it’s our fault we’ll replace the product.

Crash Replacement

Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of competition but we know accidents happen, unintended 6 foot drop offs, or motorists not concentrating and causing carnage, etc.  If you crash and break one of our products (or over torque something) we run a simple discounted 1/2 price crash replacement policy.

Simply, you can replace the product for 50% of the RRP + postage.
Email us on , so we are aware of the details (we might need the product returned, or at least pictures) and can give you the appropriate return address, etc.