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Ceramic bearing “Bullet Proof” jockey wheels – 8 colours

MT ZOOM “bullet proof” jockey wheels use ceramic bearings, so last longer and are smoother than steel.

The anodising holds up excellently and there’s plenty of metal to take on the most abrasive sand, mud and chain shavings.

Due to popular demand you can have them in 8 cololurs now: red, black, gold, blue, green, pink, silver and orange.

At 14g each they weigh a little more than your average plastic/alloy jockey wheels but are more durable as a result.

Sold with a selection of shims. Pick the washer/shim that best fits your cage. Our preference is for the fatter ones for maximum clearance for dirt to fall out.

Particularly good for winter and riding in wet and muddy/grassy conditions.

Fits most derailleurs.  If your current jockey wheel has a hole in the middle and has 11 teeth these should work. Works with 8, 9, 10, 11 etc. speed systems.

Great value, sold singularly or in pairs.


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