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MT ZOOM Ultralight superior aluminium valves for tubeless set-ups, at a great price. This is our mark 2 version, an improvement on our previous (pretty good) version.

Features and benefits:

– The outer nut/washer is extra large & more easily tightened/untightened.

– An O-ring fits within a recessed nut on the outer side of the rim means there is a very tight seal on the rim to eliminate annoying air leaks from the rim valve hole.

– Valves have a large internal diameter which enables sealant to injected and the tubeless tyre system to be more easily inflated.

– The value core is removable of course (we supply an additional valve core in case one gets gunked up over time).

– Made from robust ultralight 7075 Aluminium – 10 grams for the pair, 5 grams each (lighter than traditional brass valves).

– 50mm from base of the valve to the top. (Note we also sell long 70mm length valves in red & black for deeper rims).

Sold in pairs.

Note, when you set up the valve make sure the o-ring on the external side of the rim is in the shallow side of the compression nut.

Choose from RED, BLACK, ORANGE, BLUE & GREEN. Comes with FREE handy red (more visible) valve core remover + spare valve core.

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