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– Universal, use across your bikes (and fellow riders) for use with skewers (note this won’t work with thru axles).
– Incorporates 4 spoke keys & valve core remover/tightener.
– Essential spare for your saddle bag.
– Only 7 grams.
– A lot cheaper the buying a duplicate of your hanger, which you may never need.

Rear derailleur hangers are often made deliberately quite weak, so if you do foul your derailleur the hanger will snap before damage is done to the frame. Rather than walk home, pay for taxi or destroy your chain & a cog (by making your bike singlespeed) use this universal emergency hanger.

Simply …

1. Remove the broken bit from your derailleur (hopefully you’ll have a multitool to do this).
2. Screw the MT ZOOM handy hanger onto the rear derailleur/mech.
3. Undo your skewer bolt, feed onto your skewer & clamp the hanger tight with the derailleur on the normal position. The MT ZOOM logo should be on the outside – this means you’ve got the hanger pointing the correct way.
4. Note you may be able leave the top bit of the hanger in your frame if you have enough thread on your skewer to grab enough of the MT ZOOM hanger.
It’s easy & common sense when you do it.

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