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Handy multitool

MT ZOOM compact “handy” multitool / chain breaker will help repair many trail side problems.  

Made with 86g of durable stainless steel it has 12 functions:


– Chain Tool (of course)
– 3 Hex / allen keys: 4/5/6mm
– Phillips screwdriver
– 4 Spoke wrench sizes 0.127″,0.130″,0.136″,0.156″, 0.156″
– 3 open wrench sizes: 8,9,10mm

Top tip: You can get more leverage on the 4mm and screwdriver by leaving the allen keys bits in the tool.  We have even been known to straighten a disc rotor back between the 2 allen keys in a race crash emergency.

2 year warranty.


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